Top 5 Spring Maintenance Checks for your Home

Winnetka Builder & Remodeler Announces the Top 5 Spring Maintenance Checks for your Home:

In order to continue to maintain the value in your home and to keep it safe and reliable we suggest that this Spring think of going outside and inspecting the following top 5 items for Exterior Home Maintenance needs. If you happen to be one of those that simply waits for a problem to appear you could be costing yourself in the long run. If this is true, find someone you trust to inspect your home for you and keep your home healthy! Now here’s some good advice;


1. Gutters & Downspouts – Clean debris, inspect for sagging or ice damage, corrosion, joints and flush downspouts. Check fascia and eaves/ledges for signs of birds, bees, squirrels or other insects. Remember, lingering water can breed mosquitoes and cracked joints can leak water out creating other hazards such as wood rot and black-ice.
2. Roof & Chimney – Clean debris, check for storm damaged shingles, flashing at chimneys and skylights. Inspect the rafters in the attic for water damage and clean the chimney cap and inside flue. Remember, small amounts of water can sneak in from virtually any seam, hole or connection and materials don’t last forever.
3. Exterior Joints – These are the places where materials meet. Siding should be checked for holes and loose joints, masonry for cracked and missing mortar. Check Foundations for any fissures and while you’re at it, be sure to make sure your landscapers have not mulched up too high – introducing puddles and back-pitched areas at your foundation. Remember to make repairs with the proper usage of the appropriate materials (caulk, foam, mortar, weather stripping or glazing compound) will prevent water leaks, air leaks and insect invasions.
4. Mold & Mildew – Remove signs of mold/mildew on siding, decking and wood trim. Power washing large areas and hand washing smaller areas with a gallon of water and a cup each of bleach and white vinegar will work nicely. Be sure to protect wood with fresh paint. A good painter is essential (not a cheap one) and mildew-resistant paints are perfect for painting these areas.
5. Garage Door – Be sure to lubricate. Oil those large metal springs Also remember to oil hinges and the metal rollers with a non-silicone based lubricant. Be sure to use this time to inspect the condition of the rollers and track too – anything that looks awkward should be examined by an expert.

At Edward A. Anderson, we are General Contractors and Carpenters with an office located in Winnetka, Illinois and are eager and happy to help you complete projects in order to maintain your home’s value. Along with our focus on remodeling projects in Winnetka and Chicago we will travel to all communities along the North Shore including but not limited to; Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Evanston, Glenview, Northfield, Northbrook, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Deerfield and Lake Bluff Illinois.

Remember, a healthy home is a happy home – I hope you find this information helpful!

Happy Homes – Paul


Paul Armstrong, Architect and Owner of Edward A. Anderson Company, is a Builder and General Contractor who is proud to operate one of the the oldest and finest residential construction companies for Home Remodeling and Renovations on the North Shore and Chicago.

As a top builder and remodeler they specialize in home improvement projects primarily one the North Shore but will travel all over Chicagoland. The high caliber of Edward A. Anderson projects include Room Additions, Kitchen Remodeling, Basement Renovations, Exterior Restorations, Exterior Makeovers, Home Theaters, New Homes and of course those never ending Handyman Maintenance Repairs.

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